New logos!

Two new logos has been announced in the last days, and both trace main team's outfit.

Metallurg Magnitogorsk's affiliates, Stalnye Lisy (steel foxes), will feature, obviously, a fox, with a smarter expression though, three stars and the text in cyrillic "Stanlye Lisy" with the same font as "Metallurg", but split in two rows.

This is the result:

Rating: 4/5
A nice logo, a true junior logo like some other ones discovered in my other post about this matter.

But not only Stalnye Lisy unveiled their logo, but also Mytischie Atlanty. If their name is questionable, the logo might be even worse:

Rating: 2.5/5

Hmm...I don't like all-text logos, and the name too. Too simple, and also I don't like that kind of Nike swoosh on the left.

But Atlanty didn't stop there. They also announced their jerseys!

One has to admit that they look better than the logo. Not much because of the wolf's head, but because of the colors, especially in the dark uniform.

Also SKA-1946 unveiled their uniform in a showcase with forward Anton Tikhomirov and defender Grigori Serkin.

Very good effort. Now let's wait to see other logos and jerseys!

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