MHL shows up some logos

As promised, MHL Hockey's second issue talks about the MHL logos. Unfortunately, not many teams unveiled logos so we'll have to rate only a bunch of them. Hopefully more team will unveil their graphic arts soon.

The first logo we are going to rate is the Sibir Novosibirsk's affiliate, Sibirskie Snaipery. The team was first called in another way, Siberian Foxes, but it had to be changed as it could be easily changed with some game of words to say something vulgar. The result is now what really looks like a junior logo:

Rating: 5/5

Cool, simple and with some color. What else you need?

The second logo we are going to see is the Ak Bars' junior team: Bars. As far as now there isn't an official logo, just a leaked imagine appeared on Russian newspaper Soviet Sports. The result is not bad at all:

Rating: 4/5

It looks promising, but we have to see what will be the final version. It will keep the same colors of the Ak Bars' main team, like Sibir.

The third logo of this selection is the one of Lada Togliatti, one of the most productive Russian schools. The logo created by the team's graphic isn't much different from the one of the first team, as well as the name, Ladia. The result:

Rating: 3/5

A corporate logo, simple and easy to watch, but it doesn't really look like a sport logo. But it's not ugly to watch.

Fourth logo: Metallurg Novokuznetsk's junior team Kuznetskie Medvedi. This time the graphics didn't do a good job at all. Yes, it's my opinion, but I think many will agree:

Rating: 2/5
Like a friend said, it looks like a yawning bear. And it looks like a non-pro work.

After the precendent logo shock we have to feast our eyes with the MHL best logo so far, which belogns to Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod's affiliated team: Chaika. Chaika in Russian means gull, and the team has been called that way because of a popular car manifactured in Nizhny Novgorod years ago. I do think that it's the best logo so far:

Rating: 5/5
Design, colors and general outfit are great. A hard-to-beat contender for the MHL best logo award.

The last team who unveiled their logo is HC MVD's HK Sherif. Another very good attempt, as we can see:

Rating: 4.5/5
Solid, good colors too. Maybe a tad simple. But it's not bad either.

Going a bit off topic, some other preseason matches have been scheduled:

01/08/2009: Ladia Togliatti - CSK-VVS Samara (Rus-1)
04/08/2009: Ladia Togliatti - CSK-VVS Samara (Rus-1)
05/08/2009: Ladia Togliatti - Reaktor Nizhnekamsk
07/08/2009: Ladia Togliatti - Reaktor Nizhnekamsk
2?/08/2009: Ladia Togliatti - Lada-93

Last but not the least, I advice anyone reading the interview to MHL star Alexander Avtsin I published on Russian Prospects

From Russia it's all for now, see you next time Russian hockey fans!!!

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