Q&A with Samvel Mnatsyan

MHL Hockey is proud to present you Samvel Mnatsyan, Omskie Yastreby's defenseman with junior national team experience. The 20-years-old defensive defenseman scored this year so far two points in fourteen matches. In this interview David talked about MHL's first season, about his play with the Hawks and about his life.

Hello Samvel. Where were you born and when you started playing ice hockey?

I was born in Omsk, and when I was seven my parents subscribed me to the hockey program.

What was your first team?

Avangard Omsk, the team of my city.

Why you picked hockey instead of other popular sports, like football or basketball?

The son of my father’s friend used to play hockey and my dad decided to make me play too. In Omsk hockey is definitely the most popular sport.

Can you resume quickly your career?

I played in “D.YU.S.SH.” (Russian system’s sports school) Avangard until I was 17, I was the team’s captain and I was also called to the Russian U-18 national team. In the last three years I played for Avangard’s junior-farm team.

Can you describe a little your game?

I am a defensive defenseman who can play physically.

Is there anything you try to specifically train?

At the end of any training session I and one of my team mates work out with shoots and skating.

How do you join sports and studies?

I study by correspondence, I’m always busy with lesson during the free time!

What current NHL/KHL player you pattern your game after?

In the NHL I like Anton Volchenkov and Dion Phaneuf, in the KHL I like Daniil Markov’s style.

Who is the player from the main team who helped you more in your career?

Evgeny Kurbatov. I do extra-work with him every day.

This is the MHL’s first season. How would you judge it?

I think that this is a big step forward for Russian hockey’s development. Now there is an increased attention on our league from fans and press. There was a rise in the organization’s level, the league became closer to the overseas analogues.

How would you describe your personality?

Kind-hearted, purposeful, hard-working.

Best moment of the season?

There is still nothing in particular that I can be proud of, but I’m sure that the best is in front of me!

And the worse?

The knock-out bowl we got from Sibirskie Snaipery. (Omskie Yastreby lost 7-0 to them on September 29th - ASR)

How's your typical day during the season?

I get up, have the breakfast, then training (on and off the ice), some day sleep is compulsory…evening training then if I can I meet up with friends and go to the movies.

How many sticks did you use this year?

Around twenty.

What do you think about the performances of Russian national team?

Nowadays Russia has the strongest national team of the world, I believe that they can win the gold in Vancouver!

Favourite movie?

Dumb and dumber with Jim Carey.

Favourite book?

Harry Potter.

Favourite dish?

Fried chicken with spaghetti.

Favourite NHL team?

Colorado Avalanche

Favourite KHL team?

Avangard Omsk

And last but not the least, Stanley Cup or Olympic gold?

Stanley Cup!

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