Alexander Soloviev - best MHL goalie so far

Avto's Alexander Soloviev is the hottest goalie in the MHL, despite in the league play some potential stars like Alexander Pechursky or Igor Bobkov. In the nine matches he played he had seven wins, three shut outs and...one goal! Yes, because in a game against Novokuznetskie Medvedi, with the empty net, defenseman Anton Rekhtin touched the puck backwards, but without purpose he fired up a true tragicomic situation with the puck hitting the back of his own net. Not to mention the shock of the crowd when the speaker announced that the goal scorer was the away team's goalie, as the last opponent to touch the puck. "Yeah it was nice to be a 'goal scorer', but getting the third shut out of the season was even better" - he declared hours later to the popular Russian hockey portal allhockey.ru. Soloviev is thus the best goalie of this MHL start, and Avto has to thank especially him for the very good results so far. They are now the second seed on the Eastern Conference with 20 points, the same as Tolpar, which has played two games less. Tolpar Ufa, though, did defeat them in their encounter as today scored three goals to Soloviev in Ekaterinburg, while Avto scored only two. The home team was up 2-0 after the first horn, but a strong third period by the MHL leaders was too much for them and Soloviev didn't stop the shots coming from Hamko and Kutdusov, who got a double. Tolpar played without the league's second top scorer, Maxim Frolov. In the only five matches he played, he scored twelve points, not a bad stats at all. The first overall MHL scorer is Reaktor's Airat Ziazov, with 14 points in 6 matches.

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